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Croozer Bikes is a distributor of GOLDEN MOTOR COMPANY, one of the leading suppliers of premium technology driven motors and parts for any custom project. Croozer Bikes focus on electric bicycle kits and can assist you with the conversion of the bike of your choice or help you choose the appropriate bike to convert. Contact us now and go green.  Get ready for an incredible biking experience no matter what ......

What Make MAGIC PIE 4/SMART PIE 4 No.1 Bike Conversion Kits

  • Brushless gearlessmotor: no gear means reliable, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free.
  • Built-in controller: no messy exposed wirings, less connection problems, easy to install, neat looking products
  • Sine wave controller: Upgraded Sine Wave controller with true vector control. Highest Reliability!
  • Strong climbing torque: achieved by using strong rare earth magnets, innovative motor design, and top quality MOSFETS used.
  • Open voltages 24/36/48Vdc: user adjustable power and speed, self update from 24V to 48V 
  • Built-in cooling fan: effective heat dissipating, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability.
  • Programmable controller: control parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for different EV applications.
  • More responsive, Smooth control
  • Higher Efficiency 90% and Lower noisy
  • No vibration at slowspeed
  • True temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating
  • Regenerative braking
  • Cruise speed control

We offer electric bicycle kits for DIY that is easy to install using an existing bicycle or Croozer Bikes can do it for you.

 Croozer Bikes Ship Anywhere in South Africa